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We need Europe’s leaders to understand that rising numbers of organisations and individuals from very diverse sectors and communities want fundamental changes to this policy. It is crucial to highlight that there is broad support for reform as it concerns all of us!

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2. Contribute to this website by sending us your evidence or opinions demonstrating why the CAP needs to be reformed for the benefit of people and for the environment. This can be position papers, guidelines on filling out the public consultation, testimonials, statements or short videos conveying your thoughts on why change is needed. We reserve the right not to publish material which is not in line with our vision.

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The Living Land campaign was established to support a wide coalition of diverse organisations and individuals who agree that the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is broken and must be fixed. By joining us at Living Land, you agree to provide your organisation’s logo with the exclusive aim of showing your organisation’s support for the need to reform the CAP and the principles as outlined in our vision.  

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