Europe’s food and farming system is broken!

It is devastating our climate and the environment, wiping out wildlife, harming public health, and it is failing small and medium sized farmers as well as rural communities.

And the main driver behind all this is the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) – one of the EU’s oldest, most influential, most debated and most costly policies. 

So let’s fix it – make your voice heard in the debate on the future of agriculture!

The European Commission has just launched a major online Public Consultation on the future of the CAP which runs until 2 May 2017. With the EU itself in crisis, now is the moment to show change is both needed and possible!

It is essential that as many organisations and individuals, from as wide a variety of sectors and countries as possible, seize this golden opportunity to tell the European Commission that the EU’s food and farming system is broken and that a reformed CAP must be:

  • Fair – for farmers and rural communities.
  • Environmentally Sustainable – for clean air and water, healthy soil, and thriving plant and animal life.
  • Healthy – for good food and the well-being of all people.
  • Globally Responsible – for the planet’s climate and sustainable development around the world.

Click the above button to read BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, EEB and WWF EU's recommended responses to the Public Consultation.


The following organizations subscribe to our vision and call for a major reform of the CAP as outlined. This does not necessarily represent any endorsement of detailed policy positions, consultation responses or further campaigning activities by BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, EEB and WWF EU.